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How can adding visuals influence content marketing?

How can adding visuals influence content marketing?


When we talk about content marketing, the conversation is often dominated by the copy. What’s the ideal word count? What’s the best format? How do I write the best headline? These are important questions and they can be answered by any number of articles in our blog. Like this one! Writing solid, optimized copy isRead More…

If You’re Not Documenting Your Content Marketing Strategy, You’re Doing It Wrong


When I first began with Petovera, Matt Ackerson, founder and CEO, told me one of his favorite phrases. “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.” He was talking about work progress and keeping track of how much you’re writing but, these are words that can be applied everywhere right? Sure enough, a recent study byRead More…

Is your website leaving money on the table? Here’s how to redesign to maximize conversions.

Here you are. You’ve heard that website design is more than just “making things look pretty” and realized you should probably look into it. Good for you. Reading this article will be your first step to beef up your website’s conversion rate. I can’t tell you the first time I heard the phrase “good productsRead More…

Don’t Spend Another Dime Marketing Your Startup Until You Read This


Eureka! You had a brilliant idea. You gathered your courage—and a large portion of your savings—and began turning that idea into a reality. Now you have an online startup. Congratulations, mazel tov, and kudos! A quick look at our homepage will show how we at Petovera love the entrepreneurial spirit and work to foster itRead More…

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