Should You Offer Your Service For Free to Attract Clients?


http://youtu.be/NE8X9FGhOoo In September 2009 a little known email service decided to try an experiment. They would try a “freemium” pricing model. 12 months later the company was earning over $12 million annually. In 2015 the company is estimated to be making at least $250 million with very healthy profits.. What was that company and what can we learn from their ...

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Wikipedia, Shameless Promotion Or Ingenious Marketing Tool?

Internet, Wikipedia,

Sam Stowe and her father, Marcus, own an established brick and mortar restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, that is looking to move into the digital space. In business for over 2 years, during their tenure the father-daughter duo have already earned a reputation as a staple not only in the city of Charlotte, but Mecklenburg ...

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How to Find Your Business’ Niche Market

Market Research, Target Market

Being an entrepreneur has never been sexier than it is now. The economic recession led to a staggering number of the American work force losing their jobs and/or careers. But the recession brought on something else: a wave of self-employed professionals and start-ups. A number of entrepreneurial success stories have been broadcast on reality TV, ...

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Top 3 Pros and Cons To Creating Brand Awareness Through Geotagging

Geotagging, Social Network, Social Campaign, Brand Strategy

People are creatures of habit and conduct repeat business with brands that gain their trust. Although the popularity of Yelp.com and Yahoo Local allow potential customers to choose what their next local excursion will be, chances are they are one-and-done. There is nothing wrong with steady, new foot traffic, but my question is how do ...

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