Joe Apfelbaum & The Marketing Mindset that Grew a Multi-Million Company From Scratch


Winston Churchill is famous for having said that success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. What he meant is what Joe Apfelbaum, co-founder and CEO of AJAX Union, echoes in this interview: in the effort to grow your business, you’re going to fail most of the time, but that’s not a valid ...

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How To Get Free Press Coverage For Your Business Without Hiring a PR Firm


Recently, a few people have asked me, "Matt, I noticed on your homepage and on Saber Blast that you were published in all those reputable places (like Forbes, Inc, The Washington Post, Mashable, Techcrunch, and more). How did you do that? How can I do the same thing for my business?" If you have no experience ...

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Authentic Marketing: The Little-Known Way to Grow a Business & Get Noticed


I was 19 when I first fell in love with entrepreneurship and the idea building a successful company. It grew out of the idea that the experience would be filled with adventure, and that I could become wealthy while also being an artist. As I got older, and once I got beyond the misguided hype about building ...

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12 Best Sales Funnel Examples to Help Your Website Convert More Customers

customer sales funnel

I learn best by observing and studying what works well for others. How about you? When it comes to marketing on the internet though, it's still "voodoo" for many of us because even if we can see what works for other businesses, we don't always understand it. This is because we're not able to look at it ...

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