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Web Design Lessons from the Red Carpet

Michelle Williams

Last night marked the 84th annual Academy Awards — an event as focused on fashion as it is on filmmaking. And as per tradition, today was the day to read all the outfit reviews by the most respected fashionistas in … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning Finally Charged

When Bradley Manning was in the military, they let him use the computers. One time, while Bradley was doing his military thing on military computers, he saw some confidential documents that probably made him throw up a little. They detailed … Continue reading

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Ben & Jerry Hope to “Get the Dough Out” of Politics

Ben & Jerry

Over the past decade, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s have become increasingly political in their brand of activism. And now, they’re running a new campaign that has little to do with ice cream. The Ben & … Continue reading

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How Do You Systematically Market Your Business? (video)

This is a problem that a lot of entrepreneurs and startup or small businesses face: how do you ensure a steady, consistent stream of leads, which leads to a steady stream of clients or customers, and ultimately a steady and … Continue reading

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