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Ben & Jerry Hope to “Get the Dough Out” of Politics

Ben & Jerry

Over the past decade, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s have become increasingly political in their brand of activism. And now, they’re running a new campaign that has little to do with ice cream. The Ben & … Continue reading

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How Do You Systematically Market Your Business? (video)

This is a problem that a lot of entrepreneurs and startup or small businesses face: how do you ensure a steady, consistent stream of leads, which leads to a steady stream of clients or customers, and ultimately a steady and … Continue reading

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Doctors Say “Cancer” Should be a Verb

Image from The Terasem Journal Online

New research by leading oncologists has uncovered incredibly useful realizations about cancer, and for some reason, nobody’s talking about it. For one, our cells don’t get cancer. ¬†They can’t have cancer. They cancer. That’s what Dr. David B. Agus says … Continue reading

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Dodd-Frank: Real Regulator or Small Business Bully?

Occupy Wall St. (10/4/2011)

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010 was supposed to help regulate the economy by preventing giant corporations from becoming too powerful. But Dodd-Frank may be doing more to hurt some already-struggling small businesses. A response to the current … Continue reading

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