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What Kills Curiousity & Enthusiasm for Work?

An overloaded email inbox. Being mircro-managed, without room to fail or be creative. Lack of sleep. Lack of any predictability in daily routine. Too much focus on money, no intrinsic motivation. Lack of steady income. Chasing clients for payment. Unbalanced … Continue reading

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Is the White House Censoring the Internet’s Tough Questions?

On Jan 30, President Obama plans to answer questions submitted by citizens to his YouTube page. But new evidence shows the White House staff may be removing questions on a certain controversial topic. Questions posted on the White House YouTube … Continue reading

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Eyesores: Just because Johnny Gilbert can…

This is the official Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy ticket request site. That’s real. And unless they’re trying to make a statement (that they’re so popular they don’t NEED to have a good website), this atrocious homage to Geocities animated clip art … Continue reading

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The Growth Epiphany

Great green tree growth

Most nights I have trouble falling asleep. I toss and turn, while my head continues zooming from one idea or question to another. A few weeks ago though I was lying in bed, thinking myself into a restless slumber when … Continue reading

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