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Doctors Say “Cancer” Should be a Verb

Image from The Terasem Journal Online

New research by leading oncologists has uncovered incredibly useful realizations about cancer, and for some reason, nobody’s talking about it. For one, our cells don’t get cancer. ¬†They can’t have cancer. They cancer. That’s what Dr. David B. Agus says … Continue reading

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Dodd-Frank: Real Regulator or Small Business Bully?

Occupy Wall St. (10/4/2011)

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010 was supposed to help regulate the economy by preventing giant corporations from becoming too powerful. But Dodd-Frank may be doing more to hurt some already-struggling small businesses. A response to the current … Continue reading

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What Kills Curiousity & Enthusiasm for Work?

An overloaded email inbox. Being mircro-managed, without room to fail or be creative. Lack of sleep. Lack of any predictability in daily routine. Too much focus on money, no intrinsic motivation. Lack of steady income. Chasing clients for payment. Unbalanced … Continue reading

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Is the White House Censoring the Internet’s Tough Questions?

On Jan 30, President Obama plans to answer questions submitted by citizens to his YouTube page. But new evidence shows the White House staff may be removing questions on a certain controversial topic. Questions posted on the White House YouTube … Continue reading

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