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Eyesores: Just because Johnny Gilbert can…

This is the official Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy ticket request site. That’s real. And unless they’re trying to make a statement (that they’re so popular they don’t NEED to have a good website), this atrocious homage to Geocities animated clip art … Continue reading

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The Growth Epiphany

Great green tree growth

Most nights I have trouble falling asleep. I toss and turn, while my head continues zooming from one idea or question to another. A few weeks ago though I was lying in bed, thinking myself into a restless slumber when … Continue reading

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New, Futuristic Logo Design for

You can see the previous version here, but this version seems even more appropriate as far as the theme we’re going for.

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How 1 Short Sentence Can Make or Break Your Business

I attended a webinar session today on One of the hosts evaluated PetoVera’s upcoming product, Saber Blast. I was surprised because his first reaction was “Ok I don’t get it, what do you do?” Clearly, something was wrong. In … Continue reading

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