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7 Reasons Why Laziness Makes You a More Effective Entrepreneur

Laziness is the bane of productivity. At least that’s what we’re always told. What if I told you that working less or being at least somewhat averse to “getting your hands dirty” has more benefits than drawbacks? This is similar … Continue reading

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In the spirit of “Work Example Wednesday,” I invite you to preview, which is inching closer and closer to it’s soft-launch date: this upcoming Tuesday. Private launch invites are all sold out, but you can request an invitation to … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Website to Go Viral

Seth Godin, the famous marketing guru, once said, “Ideas that spread, win.” He’s right about that, especially on the internet where websites that get more valuable with each new user can spread extremely quickly. Some of the largest, most successful … Continue reading

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3 Practical Lessons 37Signals Can Teach You About Selling Online

37Signals is one of the most successful and most admired web businesses in the world today. Why is that? They are a spec compared to Facebook (in terms of employee count as well as estimated revenues). This doesn’t matter though … Continue reading

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