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The Singularity is Near? Doubtful.

I picked up a copy of TIME magazine at Barnes and Nobles the other day. The cover story was about the approaching “Singularity” — when the advancement of computer technology will signify the end of the “human era” and artificial … Continue reading

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The Most Common Reason Why No One Cares About Your Website

Naturally we are born with a selfish instinct. It’s necessary for survival. We’re selfish with our money, and with our time. That being said, it all boils down to one simple question: What’s in it for me? If your website … Continue reading

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The Reason Why Productivity Loves Limits

(Today is “Work Example Wednesday”) Above is a screenshot of what the next version of “Bright Fist” (formerly known as “Lights Out”) will look like during the setup process. If you’re not familiar from previous posts, Bright Fist solves a … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce for Building the Next Explosive-Growth Web Business

Everyone wishes they’d been first to build and successfully execute the Facebook, Twitter, or Groupon concepts. Even if you don’t, chances are you’d still love to build a business that can grow as fast as they have and have a … Continue reading

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