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The Future of Email Marketing: Social, Game-Based, & No Templates

(source) If you’re like most people, you probably receive some kind email marketing newsletter. Sometimes, maybe, you read it, other times, you don’t and it’s spam to you. But times are a ch-changin’ my friend. 5 to 10 years from … Continue reading

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How TV Can Teach You The Secrets of Selling

At the end of this article I want you to do something for me… I want you to turn on the television. Find an infomercial, flip to QVC or check out the Home Shopping Channel. Just sit there, quietly, for … Continue reading

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17 Tips for Increasing Sales on Your Website

Sales are the life blood of any business. If you’re already seeing some purchases on your website, what are some ideas or steps you can take to increase that number substantially? Here are 17 tips to help you. Some of … Continue reading

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Good Products Solve Problems: What Problem Will Saber Blast Solve?

Almost anything that’s valuable that someone is willing to pay for solves a problem. That’s a fundamental tenet of business. Recently, I’ve been discussing our concept for Saber Blast with a lot of different entrepreneurs and small business folk and … Continue reading

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