What do Superheroes and Entrepreneurs Have in Common?


My older brothers introduced me to the world of comics at an early age. I used to sneakily grab a bunch of Spiderman, X-men, Camelot 3000 and Agent X9 comics, then sit in my bed and read for hours. I especially liked X-men, where my favorites were Wolverine and Storm. (I also had a weak ...

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Day #25, 26, & 27 – Staying focused, slow and steady.

http://youtu.be/FzTBcqmrPfM?hd=1 Progress Report: Another item crossed off the list (templated proposals to save time and more easily service clients) and several other very important items are making their way to the finish line: Retargeting ads Exit pop-ups New landing page design for our online course HTTPS setup across the website is also now in progress Reflection: Not many new thoughts today. There are a ...

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Day #20, 21, 22 — Revenue generating pages, QA email funnel, & getting the

http://youtu.be/vumD-6h0qmU?hd=1 Progress Report:Hired a new writer and nailed down our on-boarding process (shout-out to our Editor, Sinead).Hired and onboarding a business development intern (not related to my goals for the 30-Day Challenge, but worthy of a mention).+3 landing pages for our micro-services completed. 6 more remaining.Waiting on retargeting ads and finalized design for the Petovera.com Sales Funnel ...

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Day #18 – Rolling out the funnel, first landing page revision

http://youtu.be/wBOXn3_yhfU?hd=1 Progress Report:Today I received the first landing page design revision from our designer for our Sales Funnel Blueprint course. It's decent but I know we can improve it. In either case, it is definitely a step forward form what we have now, which is basically text and some pictures.The mini-milestone achieved today was the actual ...

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