8 Essential Apps for Small Businesses

Photo: Green Chameleon

When you are a start-up company or a small business owner you know how stressful life can be and you know how hard it can be to stay organized. Often when we start a new business or run a business all by ourselves, we work endless hours on a tight budget. We work when we wake up, ...

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Beat the Winter Blues and Keep Customers Happy


As I write, Winter Storm Jonas is surrounding my home. The wind is whipping, the walls are cold and the ground is covered in snow. The plows are not here yet and it is very quiet because I hear no trains, no planes, and no cars. I know a lot of people dislike winter and easily ...

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Independence and Reinventing Yourself: An Interview with a Small Business Owner


Sometimes there is a decisive  moment when you know you need change in your life. Perhaps the place where you are in life doesn't fulfill you or maybe you want to do something completely different.  To dream is one thing, but to actually take the  step and change your life and follow a dream takes both ...

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30 Indispensable Online Resources For Effective Content Marketing


We talk about content marketing so often that we sometimes forget to define it, or note its affect on businesses. Simply put, it’s digital marketing that includes the formation and distribution of media (e.g. content) to gain customers. And it is imperative for success. Fortunately, with the right strategy and software, utilizing content marketing to advance your company's ...

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