4 Easy Ways to Stand Out

Stand out among others

Imagine a bar or a club with hundreds of people, loud music and lots of lights. If you spend a few hours there you will see many faces. Some you will never remember. Some you will glance at for a few more seconds. And some will intrigue you. You might approach the people who intrigue ...

What Can Presidential Campaigns Teach Us About Marketing?

Get noticed this campaign season. Image via berkeley.edu.

If you are anything like me, you've probably been watching the election season unfold with some blend of consternation and amusement, and maybe even a touch of admiration. You may not agree with many (or any) of the candidates' policies. But from a marketing perspective, election years nevertheless provide fascinating and useful insights into the hearts and ...

Beat the Winter Blues and Keep Customers Happy


As I write, Winter Storm Jonas is surrounding my home. The wind is whipping, the walls are cold and the ground is covered in snow. The plows are not here yet and it is very quiet because I hear no trains, no planes, and no cars. I know a lot of people dislike winter and easily ...