This Week in America: Colbert Suspended, Linsane Racism, Underwear Bomber Guilty, and the GOP’s New “Intimate Tuesdays”

Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central show is airing re-runs for the rest of the week.

The Colbert Report was suddenly suspended for the rest of this week due to an emergency in Stephen Colbert’s family, according to the Wall Street Journal. But this Zerohedge article posted earlier today suggests a connection with Andrew Napolitano’s recent Freedom Watch cancellation. I think Viacom can probably let a few radical political remarks slide on its network where original series have “fart joke” quotas.

Jeremy Lin is American and his family is from Taiwan. But he's a Chinese basketball player, apparently.

Jeremy Lin‘s rapidly-growing fanbase has sparked accusations between sports networks about Chinese stereotyping in their coverage of “Linsanity.” I think Taiwan might go away pretty soon if we keep telling people it’s a part of China.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab really resented his parents for some reason.

The Underwear Bomber, a Nigerian man who stored explosives in his underwear in the misguided name of al-Qaeda, has been sentenced to life in prison. His jihad plan was foiled when he set his own pants on fire during a flight to Detroit on Christmas Day of 2009. I think it should be noted that Farouk’s folly better represents Nigerian teens with daddy issues than a typical display of Islamic zeal. Also, something about liars’ pants catching fire.

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney won't debate this Super Tuesday. They're busy.

The Super Tuesday GOP debate set for March 1 was canceled by CNN today. This decision comes after front-runners Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum announced they wouldn’t be in attendance. I think since most Americans probably vote for the last politician that touches them, GOP candidates likely have more stake in getting big handshake numbers in swing states than they do in answering your questions, CNN.

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